The House of Shattered Wings by Aliette De Bodard

Fantasy Book Club

The House of Shattered Wings Discussion Questions

  1. What do you think of the 3rd person narration?
  2. Do you like the 2nd person first page?
  3. What do you think of the beginning of the book?
  4. Do you like Phillipe?
  5. Who is your favorite character?
  6. What do you think of the world creation?
  7. What do you think causes the time shifts that Phillipe can see?
  8. Are the Fallen villains or heroes?
  9. Would you want to be one of the Fallen?
  10. Is there a clear hero in this book?
  11. Are the descriptions vivid?
  12. Would you side with House Silverspires or with Philippe?
  13. Which of the Houses do you find the least awful?
  14. Do you think the curse is Philippe’s fault, as Selene wants to believe?
  15. Do the magic systems described in the book work?
  16. Were you surprised to find out about Nightingale?
  17. Did you expect Morningstar to be resurrected?
  18. What do you think the Houses represents? What do you think the Fallen represent?
  19. Did you think Isabelle would die?
  20. What did you think of the ending?
  21. Did you like the book?
  22. Would you read more in the series?

Created by Michelle Haring

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