The Masked Truth by Kelley Armstrong

Teen Book Club

The Masked Truth Discussion Questions

  1. What do you think of the 1st person narration for Riley and 3rd person for Max?
  2. In the prologue, Riley finds out that her alleged friend set her up, does it seem like a big deal at the time?
  3. By the end of the prologue what do you think of the higher stakes?
  4. Should Riley feel guilty for hiding and saving the little girl?
  5. Does a weekend long intensive therapy session make sense for Riley?
  6. How does this book make group therapy seem?
  7. Were you surprised that Riley gets thrown into a hostage situation so quickly?
  8. Is Max’s disbelief of the situation odd?
  9. Did you expect any of the kids to get killed at the beginning of the hostage situation?
  10. Was it smart for Max and Riley to run during the confusion?
  11. How does the labyrinth layout of the building contribute to the story?
  12. What do you think of Max focusing on definitions as he stalks the bad guy?
  13. Is seeing inside Max’s head an interesting way to learn about schizophrenia?
  14. Did Brienne’s back story surprise you?
  15. Did you expect the SWAT team to be outside?
  16. Were you surprised that Max got blamed for the murders?
  17. Does it make sense that the killers set him up?
  18. Would it have worked if they had killed all of the kids?
  19. Does Aimee sound like a decent therapist?
  20. Is River, Brienne’s brother, a bad guy?
  21. Are you surprised that Max really hurt his best friend?
  22. Do you think that a schizophrenia diagnosis means that someone is done for life?
  23. Can Riley save Max?
  24. What do you think of the twist that the cops are assassins?
  25. Does it make sense that Wheeler is trying to get Riley to kill him?
  26. What genre is this book?
  27. Did you like the book?

Created by Michelle Haring

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