Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor

Book Club Questions


About 15 years ago, we started our first book club at Cupboard Maker Books.  From the beginning, we wanted to read non-traditional book club choices.  We have always written book club questions to provide structure for the discussion. 

Please feel free to use these questions.  

If you have any questions about these book club questions, you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Warning:  These questions contain SPOILERS for this book.




  1. What do you think of the 3rd person narration?
  2. A girl falls from the sky in the prologue, how does this shape the story?
  3. Lazlo visited a demented monk so he could hear stories, how does that shape your view of Lazlo?
  4. At 13, Lazlo is stolen by the library, does this seem like a good thing?
  5. Did you expect Thyon to be the one being beaten when Lazlo almost stumbles on the scene?
  6. Is asking for Lazlo’s books really asking for his soul?
  7. Did you expect the Tizerkane, warriors of Weep, to show up at the library?
  8. Were you surprised by Lazlo’s bravery or was it desperation?
  9. What do you think of the switch in Part 2 of the book to the five teens?
  10. Which is more interesting, Lazlo or the five blue children of dead gods?
  11. What do you think of Sarai visiting and controlling people’s dreams?
  12. Who is your favorite character?
  13. Who is the villain?
  14. Who is the hero?
  15. What do you think of the Godslayer, Eril-Fane?
  16. Should the gods have been killed?
  17. What did you think of the battle between Lazlo and the ghosts?
  18. Is the story of Eril-Fane and Azareen a tragedy?
  19. What do you think of the love story between Lazlo and Sarai?
  20. Did you think it was Sarai that died in the prologue?
  21. What do you think of Minya controlling Sarai’s ghost and through that Lazlo?
  22. Did you like the book?
  23. Would you read the next in the series?


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