Not Until You by Roni Loren

Book Club Questions


About 15 years ago, we started our first book club at Cupboard Maker Books.  From the beginning, we wanted to read non-traditional book club choices.  We have always written book club questions to provide structure for the discussion. 

Please feel free to use these questions.  

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Warning:  These questions contain SPOILERS for this book.




  1. What do you think of the alternating 1st and 3rd person narration?
  2. At the beginning, Cela is talking on the phone while juggling tequila and Chinese food, how do you her mishaps make her relatable?
  3. Do you like Cela?
  4. What do you think of Cela and Foster’s mutual eavesdropping?
  5. Does it make sense that Cela doesn’t know what to do with herself once she’s done studying for her veterinary degree?
  6. Why do you think Cela knocked on her neighbors’ door?
  7. Do you like Foster?
  8. What do you think of the scene in the dance club?
  9. Why do you think Cela gives all control of the evening to Foster and Pike?
  10. Do you think Foster would have backed out of the evening if he knew Cela was a virgin?
  11. Would you want to come home from a wild night to find your cop brother waiting for you?
  12. What do you think of Cela reaching out to Foster through a text message because she can hear his fan?
  13. Do you think Foster should stay away from Cela because of he is a dominant?
  14. What do you think of Pike?
  15. How does his adoption of Monty affect your view of him?
  16. What do you think of Cela finding out about her brother being a relationship with two people?
  17. Why do you think Cela really wants to go to the Ranch?
  18. Is Foster out of line when he tells Cela that she’s oblivious about danger from not paying attention to her surroundings?
  19. Does it make sense that Cela is embarrassed to be blindfolded in front of other people?
  20. What do you think about the idea of wearing an anklet that doubles as a panic button?
  21. Should Cela have moved home?
  22. Was Foster stalking her?
  23. Did you expect Foster’s sister to have a happy ending?
  24. What did you think of the ending?
  25. Did you like the book?
  26. Would you read more in the series?


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