Maria V. Snyder Signed Books


Currently, we have most of Maria's books in stock


If you are interested in a personalized, signed copy of any of Maria's books* or an unsigned copy of any of Maria's books, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us which of her titles you would like to order.

*Books may take up to two weeks to be signed by Maria


Processing may take up to 2 days, and Media Mail may take up to 14 days.


Our Maria books are usually priced as follows:

*This is NOT an inventory. Please email us for a stock check.
We also have limited stock of several Australian editions not listed below.*


Up to the Challenge $15.95
The Eyes of Tamburah $15.95 
The City of Zirdai $15.95
The King of Koraha $15.95
Navigating the Stars $16.95
Chasing the Shadows $16.95
Defending the Galaxy $16.95
Poison Study $16.99
Magic Study $16.99
Fire Study $13.95
Shadow Study $16.99
Night Study $15.99
Dawn Study $16.99
Touch of Power $14.95
Scent of Magic (AU edition) $19.99
Taste of Darkness $14.95
Storm Glass $13.95
Sea Glass (AU edition) $19.99
Spy Glass $13.95
Inside Out (AU edition) $22.99
Outside In (AU edition) $22.99


Note on Shipping: Due to customs we are no longer offering international shipping on Maria's books through the store. 


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