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  • History
    • The Cupboard Maker began as a custom furniture business in 1998 specializing in hand-crafted cupboards. The original store had a single bookshelf.  This bookshelf grew and expanded over the years and across three locations until it eventually became 125,000 books in the current 6,500 square foot building.  The store inventory celebrates genre fiction like Romance, Mystery, Science Fiction, Horror, Westerns, but there is a large selection of nonfiction and literary fiction as well.  In 2012 the store began a partnership with a local rescue, Castaway Critters, to foster cats.
  • About Michelle
    • Michelle Mioff-Haring is the owner and manager of Cupboard Maker Books. After getting her Masters in History, Michelle started the original Cupboard Maker with her husband Jason while also teaching at McDevitt High School.  When her son was born, she left teaching to be a full-time stay at the bookstore Mommy.  Michelle is an avid book-lover, often reading a book per day, and her greatest joy (besides her son) is sharing her love of reading with the world.
  • About the Staff
    • Kristian is the Cupboard Maker Books’ in-house artist. She painted most of the books along the north side of the building, all of the books along the east side, the book collages inside the store, and the Emerald City above the Children’s Section (the sketch of the Emerald City provided by another artist).  She is also responsible for the vast majority of the store’s Instagram content, and for most of the photos and videos shared on the store’s social media.
    • Sam is the event coordinator for the store. Sam can be contacted through the store email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for event or press inquiries.
    • Squeekie the Bookstore Cat and Annika the Reluctant Bookstore Cat are the resident bookstore cats of the Cupboard Maker Books.  They roam the store freely and help acclimate the foster cats to the bookstore.  Squeekie loves all the people while Annika does not.


  • 2 hours /113.2 from Philadelphia, PA
  • 50 hours/ 173 miles from New York, NY
  • 24 hours/ 80.8 miles from Baltimore, MD
  • 15 hours/ 121 miles from Washington DC
  • 16 hours/199.2 miles from Pittsburgh, PA
  • 26 minutes/20.2 miles from Hershey, PA
  • 41 hours/163.9 miles from New Jersey
  • 20 minutes/17.5 miles from Harrisburg International Airport
  • 48 hours/ 119 miles from Philadelphia international airport
  • 12 minutes/4.9 miles from Amtrak


  • 2017 Reader’s Choice Independent Bookstore Harrisburg Magazine Simply the Best
  • 2016 Reader’s Choice Independent Bookstore Harrisburg Magazine Simply the Best
  • 2018 RT Book Innovation of the Year
  • 2013 RT Bookseller of the year
  • 2019 RWA Bookseller of the Year




  • Author Signings
    • Authors include Maria V. Snyder, Justina Ireland, Geri Krotow
  • Book Clubs: Fountain of Youth, Mystery, Fun Yarns, Teen, Story Makers Challenge, Fantasy, Romance, Well-Read Black Girl, Potluck, Middle Grade
  • Community Building events: Bookstore Trivia, Pin Parties, Craft Days
  • Literary Themed Parties


  • Book Subscriptions
    • $99.00 Book-a-Week for a year
  • Signs in store
  • Promotion flyers
  • Online calendar/website space
  • Promotion on
  • Social media advertising
  • Local business promotion
  • Local online community boards



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