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Blue cover of "Bride or Die" by Madison Score with many red/pink hearts around the whole cover.

Proposal planner Claire Hartley thought calling off her own wedding would be the most traumatic event of her year. But when her ex-college roommate vanishes without a trace and Claire begins receiving mysterious threats, she realizes she has bigger problems.

Could she be the next victim of West Haven’s suspected serial killer?

Her only escape from the imminent danger is her adorably derpy rescue corgi and her job as the city’s most awarded marriage proposal planner. Unfortunately work turns into a war zone when she’s forced to collaborate on the biggest project of her career with a hunky, grumpy filmmaker. In addition to six-pack abs, he’s got one big secret and way too many opinions.

Claire can’t afford to wait for the police to solve this case. The clock is ticking and the threats against her are escalating.

Can her meticulous organizational and research skills help her catch a killer before she becomes the next victim?

Equally important, will she make it through her best friend’s surprise proposal without murdering—or falling for—the annoyingly handsome filmmaker?

Bride or Die

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