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Pink cover of "Say yes to the Death" by Madison Score with hearts and a lipstick mark.

***This item is for Pre-Order. Release date is June 2024.***


After putting her would-be-murderer behind bars, Claire Hartley is determined to get back to planning elaborate marriage proposals and exploring her undefined relationship with grumpy filmmaker Luke. If she could just kick her new sleepwalking habit, everything would be perfect.

Unfortunately, perfect isn’t in the cards for Claire when her archnemesis slaps her with a lawsuit, someone from her past comes knocking, and she becomes the target of mysterious threats that feel oddly familiar. Is the West Haven Widowmaker pulling strings from prison or is it a new sinister bad guy?

When a betrayal sends her into a tailspin, it’s time for Claire and her rescue corgi, Rosie, to take investigative matters into their own hands…er, paws.

Can she figure out who is behind the escalating threats before it’s too late?

Kindle Edition

Say Yes to the Death

Release Date June 2024
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