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Cover of "The Body in the Backyard" by Lucy Score showing a red skyline on the bottom, a red mask and clouds in the background.

***This item is for Pre-Order ONLY. Release date is July 16, 2024. It will not be guarenteed to arrive on the release date if shipped.***



Her spray-tanned, self-absorbed news anchor ex-husband careening back into her life was not on this psychic detective's bingo card.

But not only does Griffin Gentry show up unexpectedly at Riley Thorn's door--the real shock is that he's begging for her help. However, Riley's hot private investigator boyfriend Nick Santiago refusing to take the job is...well, less of a surprise.

Too bad for Nick that his octogenarian business partner overrules him and decides to take the lead on Griffin's case. And when a dead body makes it clear someone really is out to get Riley's ex, the mile-long suspect list puts all hands on deck at Santiago Investigations. Even the wrinkly, retired ones.

It's only a matter of time before Griffin brings danger directly to Riley's doorstep. And with she and Nick busy interviewing suspects, their elderly roommates are wreaking havoc in the surveillance department. Can Riley block out the chaos and focus on her psychic visions long enough to narrow down the list of suspects, or will Griffin Gentry's karma be the downfall of them all?

The Body in the Backyard: A Riley Thorn Novel (Riley Thorn #4)

Release Date July 16th
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